FitzEng provides the following services:-


  • Project management, team leader or supervisor, PMBoK methodology, project scheduling, project management plans, performance reporting, project cash flows, 

Integration and Systems Engineering

  • Requirements tracing, verification and validation

  • Creation and maintenance of Inteface Control Documents

  • Top down and bottom up architecture reviews

Electrical design

  • Cable sizing, transformer sizing, fault current calculations, switchboard layouts, load diversity, protection discrimination, arc fault containment, 

Electronic design for buildability

  • PCB layout, micro islanding, vibration, conformal coating, component ratings for voltage and current and temperature


  • BOM creation, BOQ's, minimum order and price break purchasing determination, determination of batch runs to match order quantities
  • QA and QC, work flow analysis, factory flow analysis, material handling reviews
  • Creation of test documentation


  • Site supervision, SWMS creation and review, JSEA creation, safety audits and site walks
  • Testing, verification, validation 

General questions and advice

  • We are here to help, just call and we can talk through the situation and assist to determine a way forward